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Why no non-coding related section?

People get triggered by every post that's not programming related so I'm just wondering why there isn't a section for anything that isn't a legit question. It would make a clear divide and bring an actual community of some kind instead of just programming questions. That's the end of the question I'm just going to have a lil rant now. In reality every non solo learn dependent programming related question has been answered before with a quick google search. That being said it's fine if someone wants to ask here anyway as this app rewards asking questions(for some reason) but answering the questing with 'someone has answered it before use the search function before you ask a question' is just a dumb argument as for 99% of questions asked you can simply tell them to 'google it' as it has been answered before. If you want to show them a previous post that has a valid answer then fair enough there's no need to repeat but there is a limit to how many legit questions with no previous answers to it. Another thing is that people get annoyed by non-programming related posts yet when an interesting one comes it gets loads of upvotes despite still being non-programming related like the rule only matters when its convenient. Feel free to disagree or prove me wrong, these are just my opinions but the real question is at the top and I don't want this to be primarily around the rant as I don't care as much as it may seem.

9/7/2017 3:42:26 PM


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I agree that some nonsense posts seem to be accepted, while others are jumped on and yet again reminded of the flimsy rules. But even if the rules were clearer or upheld with more consistency, it still wouldn't matter because people just do whatever they want regardless; just look at how many people don't use the search feature, despite daily reminders. As for the social/community side of things, I think someone mentioned that a forum is being considered, so that may be the answer. Personally, I come here to learn and not really interested in anything social, but if a forum cleans the q&a up a bit, I'm all for it.


Yeah , Even I agree with this that there should be an another section so I had created one earlier for science related questions . If you are interested , you can join :- https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/493739/?ref=app


@Enzo, having a Q&A section for not coding related questions is a really good idea! This will give Sololearners a chance to become great friends! You can send this suggestion to Sololearn by email or feedback.


So i just saw a guy who just essentially bullied someone into deleting their post for being irrelevant(they were new and saying hi and had no way of knowing the rules as the app doesnt make it clear) has a post that isnt a question and is completely irrelevant yet it has over 30 upvotes. This is exactly what im talking about and as if one single post being there is going to affect you for you to apparently care so much, theres not a huge amount of questions for it to make a difference. The real irony is how similar the two questions are.