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ebook vs books which one?

ebook vs book

9/7/2017 3:13:13 AM

Irman Utamara

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They are the same.It all depends on which ever medium you prefer. most ebooks will allow you to highlight, make notes, print multiple copies.. I see no difference.


choose the one which works best for. will you keep, purchase dozens of books and take them with you or keep, purchase more than dozens of ebooks with you everywhere all time. take your pick.


agree with @Jay, $Vengat i have more dozens of ebooks from html, css, javascript, canvas, svg, python, ruby, AI, machine learning and many more, physical limitations of books like having them with you everywhere is not intuitive( try carrying 5 books 700 or more pages each). i have my library with me everywhere, all time. ebooks for life!


@irman if you have already decided on ebooks why ask the question? unnecessary waste of time!


@irman ebooks will serve you just fine. get a kindle or some other reading device it will benefit you. most of the ebooks are free or available on websites check online.


@Michelle That pount if highlighting is incorrect. You can use Adobe Reader to highlught, word to highlight, etc


I prefer ebooks as you can have like 1000 books wherever you go without having the strain to carry them all.


The point is the knowledge in the book is more valuable than the type of the book


Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages ^_^


@Michelle A writer always likes the Book (Physical) most !


personally I love books because I find it hard to concentrate on screens when I'm readinf


@Empty Again there are ebooks that cost money. Infact, in Kindle, less than 1% of books are free


@Lord Krishna If the physical book is better i will raise money


ebook is free & physical books are need money