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Guess the Sololearn member!

Which Sololearn member talks like this: 1. This is a great code! How long didn't take? ^_^ That's weird!! What do even mean? I don't get it? ~_~ I know right. 2. This is a wonderful code, how long has it taken you? :> That's quite strange though. What are you talking about? I misunderstand you. Precisely. 3. This is simply a delightful code, how long has this taken you? :) That's quite strange actually. What are you speaking of? I simply misunderstand you. Precisely. There will be a part 2!

9/4/2017 9:41:01 PM


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What the hell are you on about, suspicious new member?


Hmmm...spider sense is tingling. Something not quite right. You may have just overplayed your hand.


Irrelevant ~_~


stop being suspicious like michelle and jay I just want to play a game you need to guess the Sololearn members


who speaks like that? tell the answers 1. 2. 3.