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Eclipse app on playstore

hey guyes I want to ask can I upload my app built in eclipse on computer dont support android studio. or u can suggest my some other IDE...I am good in java so want to stick to it

9/4/2017 5:42:32 AM

Husnain Javaid

3 Answers

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AIDE and also Sketchware are good android development tools on mobile. AIDE costs money, but I recommend it. Sketchware is good but u can't do the coding, it is a drag and drop type app builder though u can view the source after you've made it. Both allow exporting the .apk and the java and xml files.


Good luck on your project @Husnain Javaid, do post again for us to test or review when you're done, okay?


Thanx for the help and good wishes @Russel @Ipang