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Eye problem = less programing

I've been playing games on the old fat crt monitor for few years. Last year of gaming I got headaches and I had to wash my face after few hours of playing. I ignored that because I didn't understand consequences... Now. I'm getting blurry vision and can't see as good as few years ago. Worst of all I can't do programming so much cause I get headaches and blurry vision easily in front of a screen? I'll see a doctor but I want some tips from SoloLearners

9/2/2017 8:05:22 PM


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Welcome in the club man, i can't see almost nothing without glasses and often i get headaches due to the light of the screen. I don't know how much grave is your situation and of course (as mentioned by @Michael before) you should see an oculist, but in my case a break between hours spent to code is enough, if needed just a medicine for the headache. A practical tip is to use dark themes, Monokai and/or One Dark come in help to prevent headaches thanks to their relaxing lights and syntax highlighting. Take a look here too: http://www.skytopia.com/software/sunsetscreen/ All the best.


I wore glasses since I was 6 (bcoz I read too much books 😂) and now I am 14. Literally more than half my short life was spent wearing glasses 😂


don't force yourself, go see an oculist and get some resting glasses windows has a high resolution setting for people with eye problems. Or you could find a software that filters the light in your monitor in order to make it less tiring for your eyes


-Talk to your eye doctor -get away from the screen -get a screen time monitor app, to monitor your screen usage -get an app that reminds you too look far away for 1 minute every 25 minutes -drink water -use Night Light -use screen reader -use a retina display -turn off the lights -turn down the screen brightness -use Dark mode -use Blue Light glasses -dont use screens at night -remember to blink


I have the same problem but I thought my headaches were caused by a nose surgery I had. My wife made me see an optometrist since I've never had my eyes checked before. Sure enough I needed glasses. I'm far sighted but need glasses for work (or anything that requires reading up close). The optometrist told me my eye muscles are working twice as hard as they should to focus, and I find that when I wear my glasses the sinus pressure and headaches go away. Perhaps you should get your eyes checked by an optometrist as well... or get yourself a spouse that'll kick your @$$ in gear and make you see one like me lol


I feel u, glass bros


This is a good article that could help you. http://www.allaboutvision.com/cvs/irritated.htm