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How do you get gold?

I see a lot of people having bronze, silver, and gold by their profile. How do you get those?

9/2/2017 7:01:17 PM


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You get those at certain levels with XP. You can view the XP needed to level up here; You can level up using XP; badges by contributing to the community, making codes, and challenges. It is anybody's choice, I wish you luck on getting to these levels! 🕊 tl;dr: Level up by doing what you enjoy here. Use the other links and suggestions provided by others.


It's a ranking system based on your level. • Level 12 is for gold. • To get to higher levels, increase your xp. For more information on xp, check out this code:


by gain of xp ... means level up .. means bronge,silver,gold,platinum status 1)see the xp for some badges here 👇 2)by challenges 3)by comments



Thanks guys