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Console Games Ideas

any console games ideas? i created minesweeper, pong, snake, tic tac toe, and chicken invaders.


9/1/2017 7:14:07 PM

Cain Eviatar

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Great, have fun!


Sudoku, Hangman, Four in a row, Pacman, Tower of Hanoi.


Then maybe you should have a look at the code playground and make something more individual ;)


It's a pain ;) I mean we have a lot of hangman games here. But not for console, because all inputs must be entered at the beginning. Try it out - otherwise you will be disappointed if you publish it and no one can play it here. Or add a comment to play it on PC.


Pacman... that takes me back to one of my junior classes in University... Rest of the ones here are pretty easy, if you built one you should be able to build others


ooh what about Frogger? that was a fun one


River Raid, man! 🛩️🏞️🚁


I saw a Yatzee! console game one day, you could try that ;)


thanks for the suggestions guys ! @Tashi N hangman looks cool! probably i gonna make it ASAP!


i think i gonna publish here the source when i finish ;)


ik already the code playground but i really dont like to program with this keyboard.


A rpg ! I did one on my calculator so I can tell it is achievable Either textual or not, seeing your player from up for example The one I did, fights were from the side turn by turn, and exploration were from up


If you do a game with AI, you can add a mod so that AI can fight one another. It is a good way to show what your code does here