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Changing Sololearn

If you were named manager in SL what changes would you make in the app? Share with us your ideas and click like in any ideas which you want because I want to submit an email to SL with ideas.

12/26/2017 8:15:45 AM


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1) Changing XP system such that posting codes gives more XP than playing challenges. 2) Adding a new role (like Moderator) - members with this role should make 5 questions from each question being asked in the challenges by changing variable names, constant values etc,. This can stop us from remembering answers voluntarily or involuntarily. 3) Users less than Level 3 should be able to post only one question a day. This reduces spam in Q/A. 4) If a best answer with 10+ upvotes is unmarked, the XP it's author got should not be completely removed. At least half of it should be retained. 5) Introducing new statuses (above Platinum).


I would ban myself from SL, so that I get rid of that obsession of mine 😂😂😂 On the serious side - 1. full rethink of the way Q&A works. It's like they never believed that they will get millions of users, so did not make the effort to organize it like a normal forum... 2. more XP for codes is a great idea, but what makes a code worth for XP? likes? I don't think that's fair enough. On the other hand a real code challenge system with given tasks and definite code complexity would solve that issue - but that just dreaming 😃


1. Add more languages and lessons. 2. Add codes tournament --- where you can show off your best code. 3. Get xp from upvoted Codes. 4. Add AI support to the app to detect dirty words and spam post. 5. Remove 'epic badge' --- too many learner go mad for this badge. 6. Add chat club --- more likely as QA but for chat. 7. Equalize loses xp when lose is 10xp and got xp when won is 5xp. 8. Add support to save codes on Phone. 9. Add AI support to prevent QA if a similar QA already asked and automatic give link to there. 10. Last, but not least. User can save others codes but cant publish it without owner permission --- mean: you must send a message to owner to publish their code you've copied. if they say yes, you can publish it. if they say no, you cant publish it and keep it as private.


I would implement a reputation system that mimics stackoverflow in that you must earn the right to post in the Q/A. Or maybe just put a level requirement on...


images idea has been floated before. it would be good but the potential for exploitation could be pretty big. (nudes and violent images). Since sololearn allows users as young as 13 this could be highly inapproriate


Some of my ideas :- 1.downvote option only for users above level 10 2.officialisation of GSC competition 3.daily coding challenges rewarding better xp than present challenges 4.removal of 5 seconds execution time in code playground 5.real-time execution of codes...i.e.multiple inputs to be taken from user only at the time of need not all before execution


@Ace we can change that to skills based system. depending on your skills your actions are limited like the amount of posts you can create, down-votes you can give. if down-votes are not replaced by tags, emoji.


beginners posts will need to be approved before being posted. some more languages will be added like rust, crystal. advanced, more detailed learning would be available on the app. downvotes will be limited according to your skill levels(your solo pie chart), or removed entirely replaced by emoji like fun, informal, laughing, so on.


A folders feature so you can organize your codes


@Krishna I disgaree with the third because it is more likely that these players are the begginers and they would have more questions to ask than a more experienced user. Great ideas tho


@Josh..Already available. click the star in the corner of the question. this will disable notifications


@daniel with the frequent connection issues, i doubt that's feasible. let's, try to think about something which does not increase load on the server. i would rather not have anymore connection issues.


Oh a few times I have answered, well attempted to answer questions and have come back after a few days and the op has totally changed the question rendering my answer invalid. It would enable quick correction of said answer


@Lord Krishna: I see a slight problem with your idea of beginner's posts needing approval. While nice in principle, have you seen the response time it takes to get quizzes approved? Given the hundreds of posts that go up daily, it's going to be a tall task asking us to monitor this.


Putting the major changes aside (e.g. restructuring Discuss Section, tweaking challenge system), I think having external link previews (like Discord) would be great.


1.Private chats..😷 2.Option to make a group and challenge with them..👥 3.Team challenge..🎎 4.Display some important facts about programming language.🤖 5.Display details of JOB OPPORTUNITIES..🏙📋


@Krishna, I resonate with point 4. I gave an answer that eventually generated over 450 likes, then the question was unmarked and "fiam", all the XP gone...! Now, that's EPIC I would simply become "inactive" just like Davit and Yeva....[Jokes] I would remove the challenge system... Do working programmers play challenges in their offices...? Add more lessons for top languages, libraries, and frameworks. ^-^


private chat , or groups :)


How about some XPs for declined challenges? Topic worth a debate.


I need Matlab..??