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Plz mods help us

hello mods plz help us this guy use very abusing language while comment on code... solo learn is not for fighting its for gain knowledge.... plz help @nikolay sir @Valentin @krishna sir @ace sir @dhyave @agus @hastey @all

8/31/2017 3:09:43 AM

Mayur Chaudhari

18 Answers

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We are already aware. For future reference, please use the following code comments section:


Guys remember, you can delete comments from your codes. Don't respond to them, just delete


@Michelle FYI you can delete comments on your codes that you want. πŸ˜‰


The new account has been disabled as well.


We can't stop anyone from creating new accounts. Just ban if they are violating terms of service


In the future report people here


mins he do many times this thing and mods are delete his account plz see this i think this is serious issue


then block him @Michelle


he is back by creating new account


ya he is back


check he's comments on my code


thank you very much mod....



if he use such language then sorry but i am also do same with him


thanks sir


can we not stop anyone from creating new accounts



mod plz help