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My Opinion On Challenge

In my opinion, when we loose a challenge, it will be good if we can get a few XP instead of losing any XP. By this way, we will love challenges more than before. This thing will influence us to invite friends to join Sololearn. sololearn will become more popular

8/29/2017 1:37:35 PM

Muhd Khairul Amirin

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I was about to agree with these opinions but, on further reflection I'm not so sure. It would ensure that those climbing the leaderboard, do so on their own merits and not at the expense of others. However, if you have nothing to lose, what's the point of a challenge? You may as well just take the quiz by yourself. It reminds me when my kids school stopped competitive sports, saying that they didn't want the children to feel like losers. A nice sentiment but I feel impractical and doesn't prepare them for the real world. The sad fact is in life there ARE winners and losers and a bit of competitiveness is required in order to succeed and to improve oneself, and losing is just part of this process. I do think the challenge scoring needs tweaking though. It's frustrating and annoying to win 10 then lose all xp because you failed 1 out of 50 questions! I recently started my day at -56 through just 2 failed challenges. I felt like throwing my pc out of the window! But, I had a cup of tea and a cigarette, came back and reached no.1 locally and no.3 globally by end of the day. Practice makes perfect! :)


@M.Yaacob I liked your opinion. And more better if there is no gain or loss in Xp on losing. This will motivate sololearn users on playing more challenges.