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What's the next language that a website developer should learn after finishing the web trinity?

8/29/2017 1:20:41 PM


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The next "language" or "framework" or "library" that you should learn depends on the kind of Web Developer you want to become...:: Front End Developer [Languages] • HTML • CSS • JavaScript [Libraries] • jQuery [Frameworks] • Bootstrap • Angular.JS • React.JS Back-End Developer [Languages] • PHP • SQL [Libraries] • Node.JS [Frameworks] • Ruby on Rails I advise that you pick the ones according to your interests... ^-^


Frameworks : Front-end : Angular.js , React.js , Bootstrap.js Back-end : Node.js , Symfony.php , Django.py I also recommand Java and Linux for server config Edit : find nice tutorials on W3Schools, and use framework documentation. also, if you don't know PHP, go !


CSS is also part of the web trinity. Web trinity comprises of HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Even I suggest you w3 schools for amazing courses on HTML , CSS , php and SQL . Moreover tutorials point is also an amazing website and application for learning . They even have many PDF . Almost everything mentioned by countable.n are present on tutorials point . Further I'll suggest you to like learn THREE.js after learning that all .


learn PHP for back-end and the SQL for database operations then one will be perfect to develop a web application. One can earn by developing fee lance projects. To get paid a bit more learn JQUERY which can bring animations to project To reduce CSS work learn BOOTSTRAP To reduce work and time for project development use frameworks - CODEIGNITER is framework based on PHP All the best.


At this stage definitely Jquery , you can learn it here, in SoloLearn.


For those who do not know Php, can you explain to us why it needs to die? @Michael


He made it simple and to the point.


Okay that does it... all you PHP lovers, read this... https://www.quora.com/Everyone-tells-me-to-stop-using-PHP-How-else-can-I-build-a-login-system-members-area-etc-What-alternatives-have-strong-documentation-and-community PHP sucks... period


In my humble opinion The MEAN stack: Mongo.db Express.js Angular.js Node.js


HTML is amongst the web trinity.


You can learn web designing using CorelDraw and PS.. Next steps in web dev😇


You should go for PHP.


Django :-)


@Michael I get you. Thanks



Php frameworks (laravel,codeignitor,cakephp) and python framework (django) will be great addition in a web developer's skill set. Rest is as everyone says : php,sql,js libraries,bootstrap (python in case you wanna take your skills on even higher levels)


thank [email protected] code and learn well


Maybe php or SQL. Just guessing.


@femyk you forgot djangooooooo