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Can we get hired if we only have programming skills?

I was just wondering if only having good coding skills will be enough to get hired or do we need degree on computing/relevant field?

8/25/2017 1:53:12 PM

Saugat Timilsina

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I don't have a degree, 100% self-taught, and I work for a major telecommunications company for the past 10 years running a team of people that have degrees. So what I'm getting at, the only thing that can limit you is you. If you want it, then you go and get it by any means necessary. You have access to the internet, so you have the power to educate yourself on nearly anything, and without having to pay insane amount of money for school, or get stuck having to wait 4-6 years for something you can teach yourself within a year or less if you were allowed to work at your own pace. You can do it bro! Just keep learning/practicing your craft, and you'll be able to show your abilities to anyone that needs to know.


Having skills vs Being self taught vs studying at a university. Ponder this. If you don't have any experience/skills, no you won't be hired. If you are self taught with experience, then sure, it depends on the case, but you've got a decent chance. Pretty much the same with a Uni education. HOWEVER if you don't have skills or experience, whether if you studied at an Uni or self taught, then no, you will not get a job in this field. I must assume this because it was is your question. TL;DR No, you don't need a degree, but you do need the experience and skills of a good programmer.


skills are most important than comes the so called degrees. But actually you need a minimum degree to put in CV.


Lol I literally just gave a response to this question here:


Sure, you definitely absolutely can. It just takes a lot of determination (andd don't expect a fortune 500 on your first job). You have to stand out.. be a vibrant person and really know your basics. Youre up against people with a degree after all One of the guys at my work is older and he has no degree, went from the assembly line to coding. That's assembling cars to coding. I went from tech support to coding. He was actually one of the guys who interviewed me and we saw even then how much we had in common. It's not exactly like working at Microsoft, but for my first job it's fine.. I have a large desk, nice co workers and challenging work. Everything I could ask for in a first job, really.. Now if I were a salesman at this same company, I would be much less optimistic about life.. lol


I think that in this area (programming) is more important to have experience and creativity to solve problems than a degree that proves it. But also a title increases your chances to be hired, I think. I don't have formal studies in programming, I'm 100% self-learner, but I'm thinking on study a CS degree to adapt to my local market requirements (here in Spain sometimes is more important to show a degree than show a complete portfolio with your practical and theoretical skills... Sadly).


Well depends on company you are applying in. Some wants degree so you will not be invited to the interview without degree in your CV and you will not be able to show them your skills. But generally I think it is not necessary, but as I said it does not apply for every company. In big companies they sometimes don't have resources to make the interviews individually for all applicants so they have to use some filter and the degree might be one of them and then go individually when there are only 5 rest.


dont listen to someone who thinks the world doesn't change over 10 years lol


no .only if you have apps for sale that a company might want


You need a portfolio of your personal projects, that will do the talking since the employer wants to know what you can do for them.


nope. You just need to know how to market yourself. But there are option if you dont get hired by a company. Whether freelancer or be entrepreneur.


Hello I didn't Completed 12th & I was thinking to start learning online & after that if I am Applying for Certification from Oracle for Java & Microsoft for PHP, so on this Certification I'll get 100% Placement in Company & will get Promotion as per my Work Please help me over this. waiting for your Response


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