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How do you provide coding on your resume without a degree or coding job experience?

What are unique ways that people in the Sololearn community have added coding experience to their resume without the obvious computer software degree or job experience?

8/28/2017 2:30:06 PM

Phil Berry

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Just put the link to your github account on your resume. Of course, you better fill your account with projects and code examples.


I trick them into talking to me. Then I go in there and sell my ability to them. *edit* lol Why downvote? If you're outside of what they think they want, then you need to sell yourself. Being able to talk to potential employers and clients is vital, even if you're going to be a programmer. Business world is the business world. If you can properly present yourself and speak for yourself, it's amazing the things you can obtain. I dont have a degree, and at the time, didn't have job experience with it, but I was able to get myself into a software engineer position at a big telecommunications company, so it works out if you know how to approach your situations.


You could also build your own website which would showcase your projects.


Several good answers here already. I recommend the following as must haves: - GitHub link with projects you contribute to and / or manage yourself. - LinkedIn account with a bio description that focuses on your goals, objectives, areas of interest to give an employer enough to say they would be willing to talk to you for an entry level position. - Start building your network on LinkedIn as well. The more connected you are, the better your chances of an employer being connected to you through a mutual person. This will help establish better credibility which could get your first foot in the door. Optional, but highly recommended: - StackOverflow profile showing how you engage in technical discussions. Add link to LinkedIn. - Blog posts chronicling your learning experience or sharing relevant concepts you've learned. Include in LinkedIn. You could even post directly in LinkedIn. - Portfolio website showcasing your personal projects. Include in LinkedIn - Join user groups and link to them in your LinkedIn profile. One other consideration is to try out one of the freelancing websites to build up some experience to add to your resume / LinkedIn profile. As you can see, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that ultimately is your resume. Best wishes on your career!


make a program to hack their database and hire yourself! šŸ–’


Create projects from all the programming languages you know to prove your employers that you are capabale of building whatever you are showing on your resume. If you are a karate black belt and wanna put it on your resume you need to show the competitions you won with your skills. Similarly like @Igor mentioned github is a great platform to show your creations and have it on your resume.


get linkedin account ,build strong networks, link all of education to linkedin ,connect to GitHub, build projects in GitHub and show them. check this reference job site ( btw, all social sites like Facebook, Twitter...etc are part of reputation too.


You can build up your resume as an "Independent Deveopler" if you've got projects that you can present to a potential employer. It's best to have a very active public version control account and build a portfolio web app to display all of your projects. This type of presentation speaks much louder to employers than just a list of experience on a piece of paper.


@Igor Makarsky and @Jamie - Thank you! I am signing up for a Github account now! Any other ideas or examples?


i thought sololearn is a playground for learner like me. it is unbelievable. now can see many experts and experienced programmers here. nice reading too.i love reading all your responses. very glad to see you guys....God bless


I will give a layman's answer kind of. I don't believe in certification that much and I take certification as a formality.Most things I do best, I didn't study for them nor do I have the certificates attached to them. When I get to be employer soon, all that will matter is the ability to deliver on a task rather than a mere paper qualifications. Now, as others have said, once you do good projects and deliver, it will be an advantage to you. You would easily be referred to even without certification. Having said that in plain language, I would now advice everyone reading this that creating great connection is key to getting jobs. Use available connection options such as Github and LinkedIn. //Edit Having to include a subject here in referred to as 'coding' in CV does not in anyway require an experience attached to it. But when called for interviews, you must have to prove that you can deliver with the skill of coding. Wish all of you Godspeed in coding.


1.github account link any website and share its URL are free to provide languages on resume without any degree(tell interviewer about it) 4.participate in online coding events and share its certifikit name on resume on,


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It might be different in the USA. Perhaps it's the market I live in, the experience that shows in my LinkedIn profile, or the connections I have in my LinkedIn network. However, I am contacted via email, LinkedIn, and phone calls for job openings almost everyday. It's almost to the point of being a hassle to deal with. I've never needed a recruiter and am quite certain that if my current job came to an end today, I could be working within a week after reviewing my top 5 offers. My assumption has been that most programmers in my area have the same experience. I've also assumed this would be the same in other countries. However, I could be among a smaller and more fortunate group of people with this experience.


@David C great suggestions, LinkedIn is certainly a very underestimated tool when it comes to displaying your portfolio. And stackoverflow along with any version control is a very good platform to display your technical abilities, both theoritical and practical applications.


Firt of all, you should try jobs compatible to your CV. Then you will have chance of being interviewed. So you just have to show them what you get. Good luck bro!


@deepak That sounds like a great follow up question to post in a separate question post.


@deepak Sure... no problem.


@TheRedSpy I agree šŸ–’šŸ–’šŸ˜…


I would either link to github or have a portfolio to show them