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Most Active Challengers On Sololearn.

I came up with this thread, starting from the thought that I don't get a constant stream of challenges. After much thought, I think this can be fun to know. So yeah, what are your thoughts? - Nikolay Nachev - Apoor - Me (?) - Bang Tu Cuong - Joy - MD NUR - ysraelcon -Otero - Sasha

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most active challenger to the no more challenger πŸ˜‘


hmmm .... did you forget someone 😁


I'm not !!


XD Prudhvi I am not very active either dunno why I got mentioned. I wait here for challenges, in vain. The challenges I get does not satisfy my demand so I go active on Q&A


@Adi It's a story 1.5months ago when they thought I was cheating in challenges I don't think anyone would bother to remember that. It's almost at the back of my mind. My XP has doubled since then :)


$Vengat is an active Challenger πŸ˜‚πŸ‘


(awww thanks and if I become moderator I will also be the most challenge-active one too)


@Sir Nikolay is the undisputed topmost Challenger.... ^-^


I might not be a moderator though. I already have 2 cheating allegations which were false but, a blame is a blame


Apoorva seems to be the one on the list to me.. always ready for challenges


@$Vengat, dude you are one of the most active people here not just in challenges but also consistently in the discussion threads and the code playground. It's just a matter of time before you become a moderator, perhaps the youngest moderator on Sololearn.


@Android to get the full meaning of challenge spam go check GAWEN


David then let's do it! :D


Who has most failure on challenges? Failure is the pillar of success.


I think you can add @sasha to the list :))


@Sir Nikolay you still owe me a follow πŸ˜‚ for being the first person to defeat you 4 times πŸ˜‚


Please consider me as an option too, android. I like more Python challenges


It's okay you will get moderator



so what i am do ...for u many of here blame me that i cheat ...!!!!