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Where should i publish my game

So, first. i'm still beginner or you can call me noob at game marketing. i made my game, it kinda mmo open world. but still don't know where to publish it. but sure i know steam or google play but i mean i don't want to spend any money for my first publish. where should i publish my game for free and can be noticed by other people?

8/22/2017 7:10:36 AM

Elvin Auresius

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if you don't want to spend money, you could create a youtube channel and post some videos of you game there I know this is not really what you want but: 1) youtube is free 2) youtube is very very popular 3) people can directly give you feedback in the comment section 4) the like/dislike counter will give you simple but very good feedback if people like your game or not


You can probably upload it to some website like Kongregate or itch.io. If it's android, best is something like the App Store (This will cost $25 though). For things like Steam, you have to really be honest with yourself for the following: * Is this something people will enjoy? * What are the marketing plans (If any) * How will this be advertised? * What are the future plans for the game? * Who is your audience (Target demographic) (If any) If you can't fill in anything there, don't bother with Steam.


autocomplete made it stream ;) yes i wrote steam but updated my answer by the way i agree with kamil but you need to find a server to publish it and make a webpage for it and publish the link at youtube also i was thinking steam was free , wasn't it?


btw http://www.itch.io seems free to host and sell your games please read this article http://m.ign.com/articles/2014/07/08/6-pc-gaming-alternatives-to-steam sorry i didn"t know if steam was free or not ..


did you mean steam? or stream?


IIRC steam changed to having a 100$ entry fee or something.


Hi! thanks for answering :). you're right about youtube, its popular, but it'll probably take me long time to get some views (or even worse) because tons of videos are beeing uploaded to youtube each day. itch io seems good. unfortunately steam wasn't free, same as windows store and googleplay, but i'll try and thanks for your suggestion :D


What’s the name of your game? Assuming you posted it. I’d like to try it out if I can.