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How did you meet SoloLearn?

Tell us your story about how you met this awesome community 😃 I'm pretty new here. I met a few weeks ago when searching for a nice app to keep learning and developing C# and Web anywhere. I ended up finding far more of what i was looking for, and now i am in love with this incredible app/community.

8/20/2017 9:12:57 PM

Henrique Blay Barboza

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This type of questions many times,😃 But you can read story -


Nice! I started my first year in Computer Science last year. I hadn't programmed much beside doing some basic stuff in Java before that. At my education we started with C# and ASP.NET. The book on C# wasn't that good, so I started searching for other ways to learn the language. Then I came across this great app. I started the C# course and loved it! Because of this app I got an A in C# class too, yay :3. I've kinda just stayed around since then, doing some challenges and posting some codes.