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Why are the trending codes always so basic?

The majority of codes on trending are extremely simple. They often don't do anything useful, and some take an unecessary amount of work to accomplish something that could be accomplished in a much more simple manner. The SVG drawings that are currently trending. What's the point of that? You can just open up a paint program and draw a butterfly with that, save the image. SoloLearn is full of people coding things that are actually useful and cool, but those never get trending. Why?

8/17/2017 9:28:05 PM

Jose Hoyos

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Mostly because the IDEs are limited and you can't really make long projects on them. People will usually like what seems to be visually attractive and this is why web codes get all the attention. All of those codes being posted require a lot of internet bandwidth too. There are better alternatives to SL when it comes to posting codes, such as GitHub. But this is also a learning app and not really a place to make really meaningful codes.


I didn't understand why you compared a paint program with an SVG draw in HTML5, i can say your canvas codes can be re-made by using a video editing tool... it doesn't make sense at all. Definitely more codes deserve attentions (complex and not), unfortunately this is how the "followers system" works, quite similar to any common social network, if you are not an active community member rarely you'll gain attentions due to the followers system, contrarely... if you have many followers any of your code will get easily bunch of upvotes (and it happened to me, too), but i have to admit Sololearn is doing a good job with the Trending Section, they constantly change the codes/posts and i see many more codes in trending compared to some months ago.


In what way is it basic? You should see Gavin's COTD!


@Jose i got it... SVG in particular is replicable in many easier ways, you have your reasons despite i still think there's nothing wrong in that code, it deserves popularity exactly like many other good works here, maybe just a subjective point of view. Thank you for your reply, γŠγ‚„γ™γΏγ€‚


Unfortunately, in non-web codes, those which make it to trending have 2 factors associated with their success: 0) The popularity of the creator - If you're extremely popular, you are bound to get atleast 100 likes even on an extremely simple code... //Especially valid if you're from India and gain a fan-following... 1) Whether the code is interesting to use or not - If you made a dull code that can calculate something, or something that is too large, people will not like it, but if the output is pretty, they will. //Mostly not possible here on SoloLearn. //Printing a diamond, or ascii characters, is a better code for many, but those are just the uses of a for loop, nothing much... In the end, don't worry about who makes it to trending. If your code is awesome, it will surely make it to trending. So, just code, thats all.


I call it code discrimination lol but I got over it. https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/250071/?ref=app


well SL is mainly an app for beginners so i think that is why most codes will be basic and people do them to practice the new skills they have gained so i think simple basic fun code is good enough to get to trending


You know i never actually really noticed that πŸ˜†




@Maz My canvas codes, with the exception of my sorting algorithm visualizations, are interactive. The svg drawings are not. The svg drawing is neat, but there's no reason to spend so much time making a simple butterfly drawing when the same effect can be achieved with a paint program. My sorting algorithm visualizations are proofs of concept. Showing how the algorithm works, and cementing it in my mind by coding it myself. You can't say the same about the svg. Drawing in svg doesn't show how svg works, and such a long bit of code is excessive as a test of knowledge. It doesn't have a use, and it's replicable by easier methods. Other than that, thank you for your answer.


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