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What do i need to make videogames?

Hello comrades ! I hope you all are fine , I'm new in this world of programming , now I'm learning Java here , so , I would like to know which languages / programs do I need too make some games for Android , thanks to all , have a nice day ✌

8/13/2017 8:35:07 PM

Dazm Zelmar

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The main language for Android is Java. There are ways to make apps using other languages as well, of course, but Java should lead you where you want to (especially if it's the only language you know or are learning right now). Look up Android Studio, it'll be useful. ;)


you need solid knowledge of java. For game development, learn the libGDX API, it greatly cuts down on coding time, up to 80%, for your game. Learn Android studio and xml too. Android java is slightly different than regular because android API uses its own java libraries. They have higher learning curve than regular java in my opionion. oh, prepare to Google a bunch stack overflow threads and watch some YouTube tutorials. This is how my learned to code my first android game: https://github.com/GAO23/Flappy-Trump


Thanks a lot dudes , I will keep in mind that , have a nice day ✌