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how to get xp

6/19/2016 5:20:36 AM


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finish course, do quizes, post questions and answers and upvote them :)


You earn XP by doing courses, challenges, badges and daily bonus.


if u have completed a course with less XP just reset the course and do it again. You'd get more XPs All da best


@sonika prakash depends on the length of the course the longer the greater would be the XP u'll get for every correct answer u get 5 XP and -1XP for every wrong answer hope that answers the question.


complete a course and win the maximum challenges


How could others have more than 1000 xp in a course?


Reset will result in XP loss which were gained via challenges and course completion. Level will stick(lvl7 will stay lvl7) but you will have a huge gap reaching the next lvl. You could either join these "LikeSpam" thread floating around(not mentioned sofa) or do suggestions already mentioned.


instead of doing the whole couse again just to earn xp, you can post FAQs and games


Do more quizzes


What is the average xp you will get upon finishing a course?


Challenges, challenges, challenges.


keep it simple go with the basics . have a strong base challenge people of your level or of people of lower level than you try to be the best in your level. declare variables not war :) keep coding


If you open SoloLearn daily you get 5XPs till day 30. In day 30, i think you get 100 XPs and on day 180 you get, I guess it was 750 XPs for me. I don't came further till now. So daily learning helps a lot. I hope I could help.


and make some questions


But how about someone having 276.000 XP? Is that real? Does a person with more than a hundred thousand XP still have a normal life? Smells like a hack? How is 276.000 possible?


By more challenges


if you finish some course with less xp i invoke to you who reset the course and answer to question again


From the Sololearn FAQ: How are XPs calculated in the Challenges? The XPs you gain/lose are unique to each match. Calculations take the opponents' levels into account. We use a modified version of the Elo rating system to calculate the points for each won/lost challenge. You can learn more about the Elo rating system here:


Challenges. Key: challenge those at a higher level. Rating is based on Elo rating system. Read more here:


can the objectives be done again to earn XP?