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Frameworks on Sololearn?

Hello guys 👋🏻 I was wondering what would be your thoughts if SoloLearn added more courses on popular (top) Frameworks?

8/8/2017 10:31:51 AM

Jihad Naji

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There's jQuery! Django and/or a Node.js course would be interesting too.


thanks @Abdur-Rahmann


guys do free code camp you'll get it including node.js exept django and android programming is a must


a website @NetMan


@Abdur-Rahmann what is the free code camp ?


@netman freecodecamp is a website for learning coding and framework or you can also check they also get good courses on framework


That will be fantastic! Courses I like to be added: Js - React(is on sololearn), Angular(not angular js), Vue,Express,Enyo! Php - Laravel and maybe symphony! Ruby - ruby on rails Python - django and flask Java - Spring C# - mvc!


I hope so😉


It would be interesting to see React course on Sololean. But mostly I would like to see Node.js here


yeah... today is necessary


a course on bootsrap and react.js would be good and really helpful🔥


I'd like to see a Angular course in here!


Haw create full text search in django 2.1?