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... How long does it take for a quiz to be approved ... ???

Okay. It's somewhat of an annoyance now when it comes to how long most of my quizzes have been pending. Who is in charge of it? Is it ONLY fellow Sololearners that rate quizzes? Do developers pitch in at all? I can see that the developers inserted new badges for quiz-reviewers ... but there's no goal attached to them (like saying once you rate "this many" quizzes). Can we like ... update those badges to influence people more? Award one after 500 quizzes and the other after 5000 imo. ... Agreed ?

8/8/2017 5:09:47 AM


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Hey guys! We've accelerated the in-house review process, should be back on track with almost no pending quizzes very soon. Hope this motivates top contributors within the community to submit more quality quizzes again. Looking forward!


I think we'd have more people reviewing quizzes if the quiz-reviewer badges had numeric goals associated with them instead of basically stating "just do it a lot". I review quizzes when I have time ... but if I would attempt to achieve the two badges ... by legitimately reviewing 1000 quizzes all in one go ... and STILL didn't get the badges ... I'd be furious. We all have different ideas of what "a lot" is ... nobody is going to risk sacrificing days on end just to be told "it's not enough". The developers need to associate set goals for every badge, not just most of them imo. Only then will I expect more players to be influenced enough to review quizzes. Siiiiiiiiiiiigh.


It is pretty infamous now. Quiz approval takes too long that I myself have stopped suggesting quizzes. That said, I can't blame the slow approval process - It depends on the community to rate quizzes, and rating quizzes itself is a rather consuming task that I have put aside. Replying to title, the longest may take up to 2-3 months.


@seamiki -- the badges idea was the first thing that came to my mind when I attempted to manifest an example of a possible solution. I'm sure that I can think up a few more example-solutions if I tried, but I wanted to throw the question and have the community discuss it before I typed a novel on other possible solutions (if I do come back to it - I haven't decided yet).


I do not review qizzes as I don't know what is the criteria to be followed for such evaluation. Some are against quizzes on topics beyond sl courses. Others like it due to their learning factor. Same goes for quiz difficulty. Same goes for length. SL usually likes to throw some bages in, and see how it goes... Wouldn't be better to define some guidelines a priori? I know that the default answer is: "common sense is your guideline" but a large community allows for a wide range of meanings for "common sense"; there is also the badge/xp frenzy that sometimes prevails over common sense. So all in all, I don't think badges are the solution and showing the completion status would only increase the badge/xp frenzy.


@cipher you are right about this I have some quizzes submitted no response till now (1 week has passed) sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes just days. I try to review quizzes from time to time but the number of low quality quizzes is too much (let's not mention the total submitted quizzes) it takes much effort and drains your energy for this task only.


I think a comments section for every quizz would be better. I mean, except the congratulations of the Code of the day, there is very little spam in the code comments compared to the q&a. Usually comments relate to insights regarding the specific codes. Hit a like or dislike is a bot-like activity. Commenting would scrape away bot-like-xp-seeking reviewers and I think would be even more educational. I found myself lately, disregarding the q&a in favor of codes and their comments section. Comments could also suggest ways to improve or smooth a rough edged quizz: in this way the community would "mine rough diamonds" to shape them into brilliant gems (It requires a bit more than a new badge but it could be worth it).