Challenges. JavaScript. Wrong answer?

There are two challenges that always come about and no matter what I seem to answer, SoloLearn always marks me as wrong. Both are multiple choices. One asks to select all the invalid function names and the options are something like: 0function0 - invalid, begins with numeral; hello_world - valid; function123 - valid; 123_function - invalid, begins with numeral. The other one asks to check all the object property accesses: [] true; . true; -> false; {} false; I have commented next to each option the ones I believe are correct. I have tried different combinations, but the system always gives me "incorrect". Is it only me? Is it a problem with my phone? Am I seeing all the options available?

8/7/2017 7:17:03 PM

Ed Magalhaes

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I had both of those and I've answered the same as you and those are the correct answers. Be careful with multiple choices, sometimes when you click the block blinks, but the option is not selected...


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it's you mistakes. there are no errors😉