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Noob like me

Ask here?

8/7/2017 3:22:13 PM


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Ah okay, I understand now. My apologies. That link you posted is a good place to find a bunch of resources. Unfortunately, I don't have time to tutor people, but you're on the right track with learning already. Read through SoloLearn, and then proceed to check out those links in that other thread. It'll get you pointed in the right direction with everything. Trust me, it takes awhile to memorize all of the syntax, so don't feel bad about having to reference the language often. When I first learn a language, I read through the entire thing even if I don't fully understand it yet. Then I practice what I learned. Then I go back and read the language again, this time I write down anything that I don't fully understand yet. Afterward I use my notes that I wrote down, and I research/read/watch/practice everything I can about the stuff I didn't understand still. I continue this process and it seems to work best for how I learn stuff. Best of luck to you! My #1 tip is to have patience with programming and don't give up. It's a long journey, but is well worth it. Don't give up on it when it starts to get hard.


What is your question? I'm confused by why you linked another thread and didn't ask anything at all in this one.


I'm just testing this app, but I'm eager to learn about coding. Let this be a simple mistake so that I won't do worse later. Got me?. You have replied to this post, can you be my tutor?


How can you remember what to write next, I mean like there's more system In / out, Scanner and everything, it's kinda hard, any tips for newbie?


Haha, it's OK, I hope you can advice me in the future, thanks for the tips mate.