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Will you add Assembly, Team SoloLearn

Hello Team SoloLearn and the awesome Community! Recently i wanted to learn some Assembly/Assembler. Even tho Assembler is not a great way to code, it is the basic of every single Coding Language. Therefore i wanted to get formiliar with how the processors work. Additionally i would like to look for someone, who can teach me Efficiency when Programming (java preferably). That means, i need someone who could explain me what a stack memory is and so on, like basically how the hardware of a PC works.

8/7/2017 2:02:53 PM

Um Ut

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I like assembly, but it not a language for someone who has just started to learn to program. That may be one of the reasons, why you may not see a ASM course on sololearn.


@Manual's right, this is a bit involved. There are assembly codes in CodePlayground and I've linked stuff for Android + gcc assembly in Q&A. Here are some resources in your stated direction: How a CPU works https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/45788/The-Real-Protected-Long-mode-assembly-tutorial-for COMPILER, ASSEMBLER, LINKER AND LOADER: A BRIEF STORY http://www.tenouk.com/ModuleW.html Free A+ Hardware course https://www.cybrary.it/course/comptia-aplus/ No Java but the concepts are still there (many articles on how builds are done out there). For Java you may eventually want to look at 'bytecode', which gets you into debugging + the inner skunkworks.


Check this out...a *LIVE* gcc / c++ compiler and disassembler, side-by-side: https://gcc.godbolt.org/# [SoloLearn uses gcc 4.8.1]


Very unlikely they'll add that. However, it kinda boggles me that you're wanting to learn it. Not because I think people shouldn't learn it, but because you haven't even tried to google it or do any type of your own research on it to learn it. Even further, you proceed to ask someone to hold your hand and teach you simple concepts like "stack memory," rather than educating yourself about it through the millions of resources online for all of it. Either way, best of luck to you! Hope your learning goes well.


Allright guys, thanks for all the answers i appreciate alot.


There are too many assembly dialects. There was a time when you started coding by compiling assembly by hand using mnemonic reference tables. Today, except for very specific real time or embedded applications you wont need this and it would really take you lots of time. Nb: i would suggest that you spend time understanding how a cpu works based on transistors / basic logical functions instead. It will lead you to assembly understanding too


If you want to go closer to the hardware level try arduino, Pic or esp8266/wemos. Latter costs 2$ has 1 mb of ram and runs either python or compiled c dialect (arduino).