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More XP for upvotes and less for challenges? πŸ‘

I think you should get more XP for upvotes on codes and questions and less for challenges. Nowadays more and more people are getting platinum, and it begins meaning less. The reason for this is that most platinums have become platinum by playing non stop challenges and not having any considerable codes. You learn much more with coding, and it should get rewarded more then playing challenges, which you don't learn that much from when you've played a couple of challenges. Please share your opinion.

8/7/2017 8:06:04 AM


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Hey there! Agree with general idea, need to work out specifics and find an optimal solution though... might take some time...and as always, we will be reviewing all community feedback we got on this topic - thanks for great ideas, folks!


Most of upvotes are based on followers, it wouldn't be fair. I would prefer see alternative parameters to value the quality of codes and the respective amount of XPs.


I say, after you get 5 upvotes on your code, every upvote should give you 2 XP. Or simply, every code with 5 upvotes should give 50 XP. Codes should give more than challenges for the XP system to have a good meaning.


@Maz : Yes. Upvotes depend on followers. I presume you read my suggestion. The upvote border can be the average number of upvotes of a member's codes till then.


If XPs on upvotes given, then everyone participates ....rather than challengesπŸ˜„


But then we will have different moderators Code moderators Post moderators Acoount moderators Daily xobtent moderators Lesson reviewers Quiz reviewers. Etc.


I completely agree with you on this one @Chessmaster. I think they should change this to motivate people/learners to code more and challenge less. You don't really learn anything from challenges, after some while you already know all the questions and it just gets repetitive. Coding, on the other hand, keeps on teaching. If you have a problem you ask a question or you search it on Google. Eventually your knowledge will grow as yoi code more, but you will never know everything so you keep searching/asking and this will help you learn to code.


Yes code moderators, they could be a great addition to the community.


I agree with you, although nobody has seen my codes :')


I agree based on challenges lately. Their quality is not bad per se but they're not suitable for mobile. **How the phuck do I read a looong question and three classes before I run out of time** never mind trying to answer. I have a <=4" screen so I have to scroll back and forth because I don't remember variable values or class bodies/names. On top of that I'm dyslexic (that must shock those who've read my posts). I realise the third point is my problem and mein (c.wut.i.did.there?) alone, but the others are relevant. How many people read that fast? I lost interest and now I just skim and guess when a challenge pops up. It usually fails. I had some ideas to make challenges better: allow you to accumulate extra time (carry over what you did not use from previous questions), give people more time based on how long questions are, and freeze timer while user is typing (or slow it down). So I definitely agree on codes counting for higher score. I never did quizzes for score, just fun practice anyway (although it's ruined now). But I think code posted shows the intelligence of a user. Besides, people can memorize quizzes, but they still must think to create their own code.


@ChessMaster Absolutely Agree !


@chess master while I do agree XP is easily achieved with Challenges and less so with codes. if your suggestion were taken than the race for XP would shift a little from Challenges to codes(may or may not be good). the XP system will need to be balanced accordingly for the change.


I agree with get more xp for upvotes on code and less for challenge. I worked hard for made code that eating 2 hours - 3 days and not all people see and check it. I didn't like the xp system in challenges. better give 10 xp for win and no xp loses for lose. I disagree with get more xp for upvotes question and answer. I saw some people have many like in their question nor answer. I saw people answer with meaningless answer but many upvote and meaningful answer but small upvotes or not upvote. xp mean experience and code give more experiences for my coding skill when I made and fixing it and challenge didn't give any experiences for my coding skill.


There should be XP for upvotes on codes only and not on questions, coz the most popular questions are usually not at all related to programming Like: To all Beginner Programmers Joke An IT Joke Just Sharing And so on... Also one of the most famous Java Codes is Very cheap stuff...


yes must find a way to motivate to code


platinum is ez, just spam challenges and know your answers well the harder thing is to help others win by imparting them knowledge


@chess master upvotes XD i feel some good codes laying buried in the sand forever but i agree xp system should be reviewed


I agree totally, let's make community's dreams came true! [email protected] or via in-app function


Oops! am I the only one not striving to get platinum? I guess not. I remember those days when high level Sololearner will complain of getting 1XP not being enough.System is now fairly flexible and others are enjoying still we complain, mmmmmm!. It's about time we knew this, for beginners you can't complain they enjoy playing challenges because they probably want to get good at syntaxes or understand some concepts. Because sololearn as at now still holds priority as introductory platform to coding. But some of us who like to explore or really mean to be programmers in diverse ways ranging from web developers, data scientists.... linux system administrators have broken out of the beginners shell and doing great things here. Because after all "We Know What We Know" and we are not defined by XP System or likes or Votes. I know SoloLearn is trying very hard to make here a more better place for everyone. My wish is that SoloLearn will take advantage of us here to help out to make it very much awesome. What SoloLearn doesn't know is that majority of us are not complete beginners anymore. As web dev we know how to: 1. github 2. automation tools: gulp or webpack 3. frameworks: vue, angular, react 4. surge 5. node.js, express, mongoDB .....etc


I agree with you, it is more important to code meaningful stuff than answer repetitive questions.