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Android developing is needed..

What if Solo Learn team adds an android course, I'm actually very excited about the idea..

8/6/2017 4:23:06 PM

Fatma Adel

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It will be really nice, but sololearn teaches only basics of programming.


Thanks for your suggestion. You may provide this feedback to SoloLearn via the in-app feedback feature, or send your suggestion directly to the SoloLearn Support email. [email protected]



Sololearn had already spent alot of time and money to make this free very highload app! Can you imagine that all our profiles with chats are stored in the DB! How many servers are needed?!! What were the basic investments??? And android course:-))) If the courses are abs. free than soon the salary of cleaner == developer. Generous people will teach everybody how to become a good developer for free🤣🤣🤣


Being sent to the deviant Alpha + island ?


Yes, you can, add to followers😉 And where in your opinion should live a lively penguin like me? I know only 2 places. North pole - Arctica and South pole - Antarctica.


It will be an interesting course to learn


Amen Val 😇 May I ask you what you're doing in Antartica ? Is that where they send all the deviant Alpha + these days ? And are you guys getting to see the eclipse ? Are you the ones who published about all the volcanoes ? Can I be your Sololearn friend ? ☺


Its just java


what is the first thing you must do before downloading the application