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Xamarin for multiplatform mobile development.

Does somebody have any experience with this framework?It is usable and reliable?Any opinion?Thanks guys

8/5/2017 7:47:20 AM


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@Highman, you can read this https://www.altexsoft.com/blog/mobile/the-good-and-the-bad-of-xamarin-mobile-development/


relevant read: http://noeticforce.com/mobile-app-development-cordova-vs-react-native-vs-xamarin https://medium.com/@reicheltp/dev-diary-4-why-i-left-xamarin-behind-35817ccd07b2


Yes, it's a well known and growing platform. If you're good with C# you can easily choose xamarin. although, react native and ionic are more popular for multiplatform mobile app frameworks these days.


@salekin thanks for your answer.Does have some restrictions or limits to using this one?Or it is fullfiled framework to use graphic,activities,actions,database and everything which is native for any platform?I am trying to collect some facts to starts with it.Thanks gusy!


@Salekin thanks,this is exactly what I wanted to find.Do you have your own experiance with xamarin?


@Highman, we did some r&d about xamarin a long time ago to find a suitable stack for our project, but ended up using phonegap. nowadays, we mostly choose react native because it's so convenient. PS: google 'microsoft virtual academy', they have the most thorough and up to date tutorials on xamarin.


thanks so much I am glad that there is a man who is its own real experience.So lots of thanks. Our company tries to start new part of development and I am presuaded that using framework for covering all platform is the best way. Not only for the reason to keep and support only one source code.


@Highman, good luck, have fun coding.