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😈😖🤔Challenges without answers😈😱😭

Imagine, that you can't see right answers after challenges. Only your search and community for helping. Or you might see them one day a week. Or if your everyday rating is greater than exact amount, or something else. Will we have less platinum members? And how this would impact for SL? What do you think, colleagues?

8/4/2017 3:07:21 PM


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I think yes, every question is easy to remmember and the answers are also easy to remmember. But wait now there are only Bronze => Silver => Gold => Platinum? And you reach plat just by leveling up? Id would suggest 1. Add more ranks Diamond Titan or something. 2. If silver is inactive for 30 Days he goes back to Bronze If Gold is inactive 21 days he goes to silver. if platinum is inactive 7 days he goes to gold. 3. Well and for xp id suggest to make XP Win Streak Bonus or something. 5 wins in a row = 2x XP 10 wins in a row = 3x XP


Few months back, we never got to view correct answers. This feature to view correct answers is relatively new compared to other features, in fact.


Go tto completed challenge. Under the scoreboard which shows correct/wrong by opponwnt and you, there is an Option "view correct answers". There you go!


Yes it is true. This is a gamified learning platform so there has to be gamified learning thus the XP. The main mission of Sololearn is to impart the coding knowledge in the first place


I think the correct answers should be shown to be able to report those that are inaccurate.


Thanks! And one more question, where do u get smiles? I'm just from forest to accommodate..)


correct answers are false or true for you? only simple answer please (yes or no)


Right answers for challenges?) I've never seen this.. So I can tell you, for me it's hard to remember my wrong answers, and often time goes so fast so I only get sad but not better.. I'll better see my mistakes. Thank you for the topic!



@Mikatsu 1. Yep, after boost in XP-gainings those amounts needed to each level became obsole5e (too small). But to say my thoughts, it could be better if XP's were harder to get to stop this "inflation"... but people were asking for them ("more XP for draws please"...😠 and before here was used nice system used in a chess ratings worldwide! but now it's broken/unbalanced/disbalanced by those +5XPs for a challenge) so strong and now they got it... and now asking for something else... there will be no calmness/stability this way. 2. Why would you like to diminish achievements of those who finished their studying at Sololearn? (Or saying about 30 days they can be on a vacation or working hard) You already got those "free XPs" for just_being_here that level up those who is active against those who is not active. Would you like to get not 5 but 50 XPs per day? And one more: there will be more and more those: "100%-challengers, ~0%-coders, <9%-contributors, <9% influencers" see some "platinum members" and think for yourself, what will hapen with recognition and reputation of platinum, of which you are concernet in p.1) 3 What? Badges are not enough? (Are you for less platinum members or for more XP's?? They can't go together. XOR. This or that, not both.) P.S. Are you here for XP's or for learning... but I must ask this question myself. So I realy would like learning and "XP-earning" to be connected. But it's not that way now. :-((( Just fire chalenges like a machine gun, no matter if you are not perfect with a language... So O'key! Let's get our XP just for being active and just for participating in challenges. Let's waste our time as Nikolay Nachev once said! ;-)


Yes there were different rules in diferent times before. And there were no right answers accessible after challengea. Comparing it now I can say that right answers speed up learning process a little bit but can bend a user to just memorizing (for example lazy ones like me who before could take screenshots of hard question and study them after challenge if answer was wrong, trying it in playground or searching in documentation, stackoverflow or google for other sources). And yes there were much less platinum members, but there are some reasons more. Time from starting at all. Amount of XP given (for example a couple of months ago or so there were no XP's for draws or loses at all, just when you have been answering a question right for the first time you were getting some xp's but all next encounters were 0 xp's. Badges like Epic were starting to have different rules to get 'em. So people who were trying hard say in (for) this (whole) winter with same efforts were earning some amount of XPs that new users this summer can get in a week or two...


@Mikatsu I like your answer, very interesting suggestion👌 But i'm not sure that at least 10% will be realized😕


@Mikatsu Good suggestions.