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Which learning style is good? I often create habits that I think will benefit me in the learning process of computer science, but it sometimes gets messy and I start all over again. Please give me some advice. Thank you for your time.

8/3/2017 11:50:43 AM


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I'm making this post because I can relate 100%, and this might help someone out there. We learn differently, but there's sure a terrible and a good learning pattern. Learning shouldn't be a routine but a habit that you create for yourself. Habits are usually fun, and so, learning should be fun too. When learning something new you may not understand it at first read. That's okay, take a break and read again later. If it's still not clear, try a different book on the same subject, do a google search, etc. Make notes as you read. Don't try to memorize definitions and terms used, try to decode them instead. Find someone to teach, share what you've learned and don't be prideful. Above everything, learning works well with emotions.


@Armen it seems you are learning new things consistently while paying no heed to what you had learnt before.I mean, for theory part read books of your syllabus, hmm.. sometimes we can't able to get what author trying convey from our syllabus, so try to search about that thing on google!!! different blogs/sites explain it in different way. And for theory part, always try to review what you had learnt already. Do this 1)read first time 2)make 1day Gap 3)read second time 4)make 4day Gap 5)read third time 6)make 1week gap 7)......... alway increase difference between to Gaps of days as you move ahead . By doing this technique the content will transfer to your long term memory. For practical problems........ 1)practice! practice!! practice!!! 2)bcoz practice makes permanent. 3)if you had learned a single line of a program, your compiler and your fingers should feel that thing(code every line you had learnt even you had did it hundreds time before). 4)Dont write program in your mind, write it in your complier. 5)always try to make mistakes intentionally (alway try to playing with syntax, funcs etc to see what happena if i write wrong syntax change value etc....)[don't do this in your professional life ;) ). 6)do not learn many languages at the same time, choose one language and dive into it.Acquire the knowledge about it by different resources(pdf's, doc's, youtube, google, ebooks etc.). 7)CONFIDENCE!!! Think yourself as a senior programmer who trying to learn new things. 8)Never Give Up! (i use these three magical words when i am facing big problems::). i am really sorry for such a big spam it is bcoz my english is not so good but i still managed to convey what i know. Happy Coding, good luck for Up and Downs of life -Ubaid Siddiqui


There is no one way to dictate that a specific learning style is the best. Different styles suit different learners. The common practices which are considered beneficial though, are as such: - Follow a fixed schedule. (Trains discipline, which is > than motivation) - Set a target. (I will finish this chapter by today, etc) - Relate learning materials to things that you are interested in. (Helps promote desire to learn) - Put on some bgm. - Practice! (Very basic, very important, but constantly neglected.)


1. Choose your source, i prefer articles and websites! 2. Learn something and take notes about what you learned, for example: - Delete Data - Insert Data - Prevent Sql Injection - ... 3. Repeat and practice what you learned until you will be able to make the same things on your own. 4. Repeat the loop until you finished all the theory stuff. 5. Start to make some projects, do not be afraid to use Google, you can't memorize everything. +1, i am curious to see other's answer, this thread can be useful to me!


Relate learning materials to things that your are interested in. (Hatsy Rei) That's a good advice, i learned OOP and Polymorphism using Tokyo Ghoul to my classes and methods... also for the tables in MySQL i inserted many anime characters divided by category, it is a fun way to learn! ^^


i dont know if there is a 'correct' way. I learn by doing. Some learn by listening. Some by just reading. Find what works for you.


Yeah, gonna bookmark this thread for "How to learn" questions. :D


Sometimes, when your stuck on something you just have to quit. Every language is different but can make you learn about an other ! A great idea is to build something, you'll get stuck, you'll learn. Don't forget developer tools (F12) why won't you check the way a website you like is made ? Maybe you'll discover new functions, new way to build, new way to write. Good website are always commented πŸ˜‰ Hey, check my project : http://www.latelierweb.ovh/ +1 to Maz answer ! PS : use search, all files with Google Chrome dev tools to get scripts of a website


I don't think that there is an efficient yet proven way of doing this. But according to me I actually get to grasp things best at night my coffee and my trap music 🎢. If it's programming related, I would advice always practice and during the practice, keep commenting on the code you write πŸ“ for better understanding. If you see that you can't explain just go back to the notes or try to map your way out to an explanation. Hope this helps.


Personally, I first read the theory of the lesson, mark all the important functions and try to memorise the synatxes. Then, I start practising, first the easy programs from the book, and then some challenging ones from various sources. This is what works best for me.


best way to learn programming 1set a target goal example i want to build that website 2 go to website like code academy free code camp 3 or payed sites like teamtreehouse they have a structured path that you can follow 4 learn by doing project like building a site or something 5 repeat πŸ”‚ makes perfect πŸ‘Œ 6 build your portfolio while you learning because it help you a lot in the future ans save you time ⌚ think that can help you


I had the same problem, but recently I found a working method for me. For instance, I have heard about the benefits of ReactJS and found it very useful for me. 1. The very first think should be motivation and as a project and motivation I have decided to create personal website with reactjs 2. I found some tutorials watched the first lectures and picked up the best one and continued to watch it. 3. after each class it is very usefull to think about how your knowledge gained in the tutorial will help to solve the problems in your project. 4. after the brainstorm you should collect the missing knowledge and just google. .... This way of studying makes you learn both theories and practice, cuz tutorials not only show but also explain the meanings.


I'm so happy ☺ that you ( who answered ) are sharing your opinions. Different people, different approaches ... and also I will be glad to see new approaches πŸ˜‰ and thx for liking my post πŸ‘.


First believe that you can do. Then try. After that you must do practice.


good question πŸ‘


The start is the most hardest part. Know nothing and what you try make you feel stupid. There is nothing but interest. I try to set stimuli. Code is supposed to be a topic in my life. But in real I know none who is intetessiert for it. I have subscribed a lot of spam, so that new memories of the topic come up again and again. I have on the phone the dates of Python groups nearby. (I'm not going there, but it keeps me motivated). - Having a clear sense of why you are learning to code will help you stay focused (...). -L. Bradford This helps me actually. I try to think, why i start. I'm not good and not talented, I've started too late. But when I remember, I already know a lot, much more than before. I'm curious. I am also curious how far I come. I hope i understand more of this funny and mighty tool. Learning a new language changed the way of thinking. I also noticed that with me. Sry for the textwall but maybe some of this helps anybody out there.


i think you should try different ways like reading pdf's , books even tutorials then choose the one you prefer most download or watch diferent staffs your get more like me i prefer videos tutorials than reading bookπŸ˜‚ and i can concentrate more when am watching the videos than reading


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There are 3 types of characters in learning 1. visual 2. audio 3. practice so, which one is the best? It depends on our individual personality, I recommend you to take a learning style qius