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Do you know regexp?

Very interesting! I like it👍 I don't understand regular expressions and for me this resource become the rescue🙂 Bookmarked!!!

8/1/2017 3:07:18 PM


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... I need to learn regex.


Same here, fortunately there is Stack to help me when i am stuck. :D Thanks for share!


@Hatsy, everybody says that.😁


@Hatsy "You can learn it" 😀😀😀


It would be better if they tell where to use regexp..... like .replace .test .match etc.,


this one helps too:


it's like reference, and I think they consider that you're not novice🙂 and know what's and what for regexp🙂


Just leaving this here: Edit: Too lazy to find the first vid.


@Gendo. I remember this book, read it, good stuff! Thanks for android app


Great summary. It seems that it doesn't mention about capture group.

+2 It's wonderful book help me learn regex many years ago :) - good software for creating regex (shareware) For android -


great stuff, amigo. spasibo!🖒