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Challenge Quest

I just reached level 15, and would like to get some more points going in my challenging toward my platinum level 16. Anyone that's interested, just challenge me in a language just for fun.

7/30/2017 9:45:25 PM

David Hutto

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Assuming 5XP per challenges (if you do a 5-5 draw all the time) you can do it in 1000 challenges. Aim for badges too. I need to improve my JS to so yeah I will help too


@David it is possible to juggle multiple languages and still do good. I do PHP Python HTML and Javascript challenges at once.


I can't believe that platinum is that far up. It seems to be a long jump in challenge points from gold starting at 5,000, and going to 20,000 platinum when the other levels should be longer, or make gold badges shorter in their point span.


Well you can do it with experience I will give you experience in the big 4 (my big 4 XD)


Please continue spamming me challenges @David Hutto I miss them. Occasionally I make a Python win but nothing else from you :(


@Maz and $Vengat Thanks for pulling me back to my recently familiar JS. I think sometimes it's best to stick with one language for a while during challenges. I went in looking to pull my 350+ C# up to a 1000, (at about 700+ now), and decided to start taking other language challenges as refreshers again.


@$Vengat I know, I just have to keep reviewing the incorrect answers to know what I've read wrong, and allow myself time to read the code sometimes instead of an itchy trigger finger. The quick math is still a hassle these days though.


@David I gotchu bro