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what's the difference between a script and a program? and why is python referred interchangeably to as a scripting and programming language?

7/30/2017 3:27:14 PM

Daniel Hisa (1,2,3, Let'sCode!)

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I found this discussion on it: From what I can gather, scripts are generally regarded as independent code (that is, independent of the machine they are running on), while programs are compiled into machine language. One of the comments mention that there are two general kinds of high-level programming languages: scripting, and compiled. So it's like all scripting languages are programming languages, but not all programming languages are scripting languages. He links to this page: This link here: is a discussion on the difference between compiling and interpereting.



Thank you Sami Khan.This is helpful


script is a type of program which is interpreted and written to control another software or application and to automate a certain process in a specific environment (like browsers).. whereas a program is compiled to machine codes.. and you can easily view a script in a text editor to see what it does.. you can't do that to an executable program because it has been compiled.. Since python can be interpreted as well as compiled it can be used to write scripts to support other applications or programs..