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How to publish page after making page in HTML??

I have made a page through HTML but I am not able to publish it into internet so everyone can see this...... So please anybody tell me how to publish my page...??

7/30/2017 1:30:53 AM


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honestly you can just use some free web hosting providers like this one hope this help.... #edit : if you're serious about web dev then you should consider buying a web hosting plan from company like hostinger, bluehost, siteground etc. It'll provide you with more resources and lower your limits in developing your website (when comparing it with a free web host plan ) Buying a domain name is also recommended refer my answer in this post But for beginners that just wants to start developing their very own website and increase their web developing.skill through project-based-learning could just use a free web hosting like 000webhost ( there's still many more company that provide free web hosting plan but by far 000webhost is more recommended by many people :/ well hope this help........ ;)


first you pay for your spot on the internet, which is expensive, the you use an app, I use FilleZilla, to upload documents to your webpage, heres mine,


around 100 amercan dollars


how much you paid for your this page?