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Whats different between flat and material design ??

7/25/2017 4:47:57 PM

Mahdi Momeni

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Bottomline: Material design really isn’t that big a departure from flat design: both use the same clean and minimal aesthetic. You can basically think of material interfaces as flat interfaces cut apart. And while material design’s animations have been widely praised, when you boil it down, they just serve to make things more user-friendly. In fact, there’s nothing that says that you can’t combine the aesthetics of the two, using material to give some extra pop to a flat site that remains otherwise unchanged. In my opinion, flat websites are practical. They load faster than websites full of animation and complex graphics. If you’re designing a site that has to be simple, is aimed at a wide variety of users on all devices and with all levels of technical experience, or just place a lot more focus on user-friendliness over form, flat design might be for you. If you’re not interested in having any animations or motion graphics on your site, and are primarily interested in raw simplicity and usability, I’d definitely suggest you opt for flat design. However, If you want to build a more fancy site with animations, definitely opt for material design.