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Advanced Resources for Tkinter?

I'm coming to the end of the Python course on SoloLearn and I am interested in GUI development. I have used Tkinter before and enjoy using it for making simple GUIs but can anyone recommend any resources for making more complex windows? I want to learn how to make navigation menus, how to use radio buttons and check boxes and how to switch between windows etc. Thanks in advance!

7/23/2017 5:56:48 PM

Thomas John

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There were a few good tkinter tutorials on thenewboston youtube channel. Generally I would recommend scouring through youtube for more tutorials, you'll definitrly find something useful. As for harder options, you can always find completed tkinter projects and deconstruct them, or just study the documentation (:




Just dropping this in here for anyone who happens to come by. It's a link to an entire section dedicated to Tkinter in Python. Over 20 pages of content.