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How convert string to money format?

How can i convert string number like '2500000' to money format (2,500,000) in javascript?

7/20/2017 8:12:00 PM

Hamidreza Faez

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I just realised you mean with commas. Firstly note that adding commas would make the number a string. Try this. function commas(num){ var digits = num.toString().split(""); var count = 0; for (var x = digits.length - 1; x >= 0; x--){ count++; if (count === 3){ digits[x] = "," + digits[x]; count = 0; } } return digits.join(""); } alert(commas(2500000));


in which language


There is no "money format" as such in JavaScript. The best variable for money would simply be a number. The Number() method converts to a number. var moneyString = "5000"; var moneyNumber = Number(moneyString); A regular number value can be manipulated with operators (+ - * /) in the same way that a "money value" can be. moneyNumber += 1000; The only difference is possibly is you want to add currency units. Adding units would convert it back into a string, so best do it last. var money = "$" + moneyNumber; //Now money stores "$6000".