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does spelling count in a webpage I tend to make a lot of mistakes

7/19/2017 5:38:02 PM

Elid Venega

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Assuming what makes you happy is serving a target audience: That depends on the audience. [Common people who went out and played all the time] tend to separate from those who [stayed in and read books] because their communication styles differ. This has no correlation to whether someone is a 'snobby elitist' or 'a country bumpkin'...they just learned different styles, under different preferences...but it still significantly affects how people react. Following, if your target audience: - likes your down-to-earth, natural, unthreatening language, you've got an opportunity to be an amazing success already. - is a business with a public image to keep, herd mentality expects businesses to be mostly error-free. Then it's reasonable to tell you to go further with spelling/grammar or pay someone to do it for you. If these just don't sound right for you, the assumption might be wrong.


By the way, this video covers the interesting curve concerning the top 100 English words... and that everything works in this weird way -- societies, attention, popularity, wealth, every language from ancient history to today... kinda sorta an 80/20 rule (I've heard 90/10). The Zipf Mystery (Vsauce ... 21 minutes) https://youtu.be/fCn8zs912OE With those words getting the most attention; get them right and you get to blend in...while most people forgive you for getting weird words wrong (because hey, they don't know them either). I'd call that 80/20 curve the beaten path -- 80% of people are perfectly happy there and that's okay.


@Ready I can drop any relevant limit tests your way if I have one / you want (like on one of your codes, or a Q&A...) -- if there's anywhere you just need to know what to work around so you can focus on your main idea. (no worries though)


@Kirk Schafer That video gave me a fun coding project. It follows nicely after my first 2 codes on law of large numbers. Hoping SL can handle the data size needed to get a decent result Thanks for sharing.


@Kirk Schafer Awesome, thank you. I'm not sure what's needed yet but I'll let you know