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What's the best programming language to teach children?

Could anyone tell me which programming language would be best for teaching kids programming?

7/19/2017 1:51:03 AM

Rodrigo Temóteo

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@Rodrigo Temoteo first of all Instead of jumping into the language directly, you can teach how to think as a programmer cause a good programmer is not someone who knows a lot of frameworks or languages but one whose thinking process is sound.


start with html 😑 then go for further .


I agree with Anand. And would suggest https://scratch.mit.edu/


I don't think that 'scratch' is a real good starting language to learn to code: it can be useful for introducing computer programming for not really instered kid, but it's like older 'logo'... too different from 'real' code to be a good first step. Python is a good starting programming language... more simple to start with than JS, even if this last one have the advantage to be easily linked to Html/Css and then to use it with such of graphical interface quickly (when Python and most of languages require good practice in CLI (text interface) before learning to use GUI (in a more complex way than with Html)...


HTML is nice, but my definite number one is Python. Python programming is used globally as a beginner programming language.


i think you would generally just teach html while simplifying it just a bit for them, then you should branch off into css and then javascript. javascript should be easy to learn but they should know the basics of html and css first in my opinion. :)


but if you're looking for a language, generally i think javascript is good once they've learned a bit


Any of them. Kids are like sponges.


But HTML not is a programming language. However, I really start to teach my students in web development technics with HTML.


I think the web programming languages, like JavaScript, very simple and maybe could a option for teach the programming logic and the basic. What do you think?


Javascript is good because it can be simple to code simple thing but it can also be more complex if you want to do complex thing. And, there are a lot of libraries if you want to do something in particular (three.js and p5.js for example)


I think Scratch is a good way to start for children. Only to learn events, controls, conditions... When I was a bit younger, I started with HTML to learn how to use editors.


Probably HTML because it's easier to understand and is like a base coding language, so it will come in handy at some stage.