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Newbie Question

Question for everyone. This is my first foray into coding and I'm so confused lol. I get the basis of everything, but, should I be starting somewhere else? I feel like I'm not going to be successful in this because of the confusion. Any tips would be appreciated! Thank you!

7/19/2017 1:19:43 AM

Alex Ingram

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Try writing a small program with what you've learned. If you forgot have a look back at the course.


In the "CodePlayground" You can write practice code. (Here on SoloLearn!). Or, since CodePlayground isn't the best compiler: You can download something like NetBeans, intellij, or Eclipse to run your Java code. There's also processing or If you want to get into designing things like optical illusions, or any 2d visual things, processing is perfect. For starting with console output I recommend Netbeans (good for beginner's) or intellij (More professional)


😜 Yea I remember the feeling, we all start somewhere. Once you understand it, you'll love it! What you choose as a career path is entirely up to you though.


I really think I'll enjoy design more than problem solving. I just need to buckle down and learn. It's good to know that I can learn most of what I need to begin from here.


Awesome I'll definitely look into that! I'm just a little overwhelmed honestly. This is all so new and confusing. Wondering if I should just go into networking and get my CCNA or something to get into the IT world. 😂


So I'm wanting to make a career out of this but, to be honest, I have no idea where to start. Is there a program I can download to write practice codes and such?