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Class, void method()

int method(); string method(); void method(); ect... does the method have to have a return type in class? im trying to inderstand void method() in class i notice it always seems to have a output in the head which you can call from the body... does it always have to be like this?

7/18/2017 9:13:09 AM


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It is necessary to always have a return type on a method. There are some exceptions, such as constructors. void is a return type. It means this method does not return a value. If you want, you can still use the return statement to change the flow of the program. Example/ boolean isDead; void attack(){ if(isDead) return; // return is used move(); fight(); } But what does it mean to 'not return a value'? Compare these methods: void add(int x, int y){ int c = x + y; } int add(int x, int y){ return x + y; } int d = add(5, 4); If this were for the int method, this would be fine. Since the value returned would be 5 + 4. In other words, I'm assigning d to the value of add(5, 4) If this were to be for the void method however, it would result in an error. As void does not return a value. What would it mean to assign the value of a variable to a method that has no value? I would need to write: add(5, 4); To change the flow of the program and to do whatever operations in that method I want with c.


Hey David! How are you today? No, not necessary to always have a return type. You can print the values to command prompt. void somemethod() print("value "+x );


faith that was explained really well thanks