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Don't you think that the downvote option shouldn't be like this? I mean usually those who give downvotes don't leave a comment or a feedback to tell what's wrong with the code or post. (Personally took some downvotes on my codes, but don't understand why). So, i think it can be missused by irresponsible Sololearns😕 All in all, don't you think there should be made some modifications for that option?? Your suggestions are welcomed...

7/17/2017 1:58:20 PM

Led10 Деда

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Count me in as opposing the downvote. As I've said elsewhere, if you don't like a code or comment, just don't give it an upvote. There's too much negativity in the world already. I would like to see more constructive comments (don't get me wrong, happily there is a huge amount of that here) instead of sarcasm. A lot of posters are very new or very young and they don't need to be squashed or driven away from SL just because they asked for upvotes or how to hack their neighbour's WiFi.


XPs is not the matter.... but when you make a code with your Full potential then you get downvote ? 😿


this is a "this is why we can't have nice things" type of situation. I believe the original intent was to mark answers as incorrect. I see no need for a downvote option on codes.


I think downvotes in their current form are useless. I would prefer either to remove them or make them not anonymous. To make a point I usually tell the people what I like about their codes or posts and what I don't. I don't need thumbs down for that. Either way, it's a privately-owned application - so it's just my own opinion as a user, nothing more :)


down votes can make you sad but don't focus on it. let's say you have 10 upvotes + 3 downvotes for every 3 person who dislike your code there are 10 others who like it. bottom line: don't take votes too seriously focus on knowledge and experience. in the end that's what matter, the most.


@justelisha we at solo learn practise kindness, not hatred. And hatred with valid reasoning is fine as it lets a person rectify himself/herself to not repeat the mistake. Your kinda "dictator" treatment is iften unfirgiving and really rude. This can even get you banned. Typically I am a likestormer. I dislike stuff then share why I do so I downvoted your answer.


I am agree with all of you especially @jay there is no need for a downvote on codes... 😿


In Stack The one's who have less than 15 reputation (points)/(XPs) Can't cast votes !


Guys, you really overestimate the powers the mods have :) We are here to oversee the discussion and we are regular users like you. We don't have any mandate to talk to Sololearn devs and suggest or demand updates.


In Kuba's opinion downvote is useless. Hope we can gather enough people to eradicate downvotes


Fully agree with you. At least there should be a feedback option, where the downvoter has to give a reason for downvoting the code or post. Very annoying... 😑


@justeli$ha bad codes??? give me definition of a "bad code". "people type rubbish".. in codes? in q/a? yep I have seen a lot of repetatively asked questions like "how to hack a Facebook with (insert whatever you want)" but even they not always get downvotes. And it would be better to have some kind of a FAQ/Useful stuff to prevent those questions. I've seen a lot of relevant code-related questions with just 0-10 answers given. Sometimes it is faster/easier to go google it. P.S. no offense.


@immortal agreed with u many people down vote u without any valid reason happened with me also


Downvoting without feedback is just cruel and thoughtless. Especially discouraging to beginners who don't know how to phrase their questions.


@Ledio.if enough people did so I guess eventually they would ... eventually 😊


valid opinion even if it was just a joke 😊


I agree for the dowonvote idea. I will go like Upvotes: . . . Downvotes: . . . Neutral:(those who saw but never vote) . . .


settle pettles. no need to argue. everyone is entitled to their opinions. *not having to resort to name calling or belittling to state said opinion would be nice too though *this is why we can't have nice things*


P.S., isn't it ironic and hypocritical that you guys downvoted @justeli$ha's comment? 😄😄😄 Afterall, this is a post arguing AGAINST downvoting. ..


@immortal: yeah. the only thing downvotes can do is cause hurt feelings*, but again i do not think that was the intent. (*no xp loss)