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Who wants android course in sololearn?

Do you want to be an android developer? If yes then Like, comment & share this post.

7/17/2017 1:08:37 PM

Pulkit sharma

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@justelisha likes exist in Sololearn in the form of upvotes...... see i have upvoted your answer..... and @pulkit not u but all of us want this........


Maybe adding Kotlin would be a better idea, otherwise I'm sure knowing your Java will give you a large headstart in Android development so I don't think adding an Android course would be really (note, I said really) necessary​. But I wouldn't mind if they do though. ☺


Google offers free tutorials on andoid. Also the Android SDK is a free download. I am working through some of it now. I just made my first app that displays the text "Holy S*!t, it worked". I know .... sounds lame, but I was impressed. Hey.... you have to start somewhere.


Like, comment and share this post? Do you think this is Facebook here? Likes don't even exist. edit: likes and upvotes are not the same. one downvote will count towards the entire score while likes and dislikes are not united together. also writing a q&a post won't make it go through SoloLearn's office : you need to send them an email...




On the sololearn swift course you make a small iOS app, so I think they could start by teaching us how to make a small android app at the end of the java course :)


I'd certainly like to see an Android course in here. Since XML is a key part of Android app development, maybe SoloLearn should add an XML course so that developers can get a feel for it. @Garikai Yes, they should also add Kotlin, but I think that it would be good to have both an XML and Java tutorial, and a Kotlin tutorial. Great idea for Kotlin.


i want to learn android programming...its pretty cool ,😎




nowadays, i think that it is necessary to accustom with android in order to become an assorted programmer in all fields.


I really want a Kotlin course. Kotlin is new and big, and is one of the official Android Play Store languages.


yeah me asap


Large part of android is based on java. If you learn java then you can easily grasp android. xml is kind of like html to some extent. So I think it isn't necessary.


I would definitely love that My vote on that


I want 😻


i am also want android and ios course in sololearn


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I would definitely take android development courses if offered by SoloLearn!




@chirag- thanks bro @justelisha- @ Override like==upvote;... πŸ˜‰