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Is it possible for people on Sololearn to post malware in their codes and questions to trick other people into running the code or clicking on a link in their question? I asked my brother and he said probably but I thought it would be a good idea to ask people on Sololearn.

7/16/2017 2:47:18 PM

Caleb Carter

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Depends on what kind of malware. Console codes can't do much harm on your local device, because the codes are compiled and executed at server-side (no chance harming the server through Code Playground, due to file permissions). As for web codes, you can surely redirect someone to a faulty site, or create an infinite alert loop to piss someone off for a few seconds. That is not of much harm either. I'm still here so it means nothing in Code Playground ever roasted my device. :D


yes, in {} page where we can see other's code, I dont know what its called. If they write a line to redirect to a malware site, your output window will go to that site and display in output. But I dont know if AndroidWebView is used inside output window. Then, any false message or phishing can be done, like "login to your email And Watch what happens" OR like "try using my new facebook Webpage. It is used with Css, HTML5, SQL. I have added custom animation for messages" So, any naive person especially if they are no aware of these false things in Digital World can become a prey for them. Although My answer is not precisely about "Malware" , I take this chance to explain the possible threats, and only if Android allows sololearn to fetch pages from internet by AndroidWebView. Now you see, anything can be put in that . But for Android system, it is really hard to get you into problem. For application involving Calculations, animations by custom assets, it will never create a problem. Believe me I am really good in finding flaws and exploiting them* but i wont..because i am lazy 😁 hope this helps! EDIT: seems the any href goes to browser, so no problem to fear in that case. Anyway, just saying about things that I know. 🤓