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All money sources using programming

hey guys, So money is a great subject but it brings pain in my stomach. I am new in programming so I didnt use it as a way to bring the dollars yet. as i learned from older posts, we can use : elance, upwork freelance to get the big bucks. I would like to know real experiences in tgis area, who did real money via programming? also did anyone use fiverr to earn good money? thanks have a wonderful day. Hajer.

7/14/2017 7:51:59 AM

Hajer Alsabei

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Yes, you can if you have enough skills. But you have to work from small projects and slowly build up your profile.


Actually, it depends .. what type of work you prefer, but most likely all of them will require a good experience, either full-time job, part-time or freelancing. Even in freelancing you have to have a good profile of experience and work you have done + a good marketing for your self for example in social media. Moreover, you can ge money sometimes from programing competitions and contest. So, it depends on your profile, and the way you prefere to get money.