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Which language will be best for my long run?

hi guys m 20 currently studying in BCA .. i just want ur opinion on which language should i most emphasis and give my efforts to learn .. so that it will be a true gems for me .. in my current course we have came across only two program yet c & c++ .and we really work our assout to fully learn this language .... but after came across this app . I am in doubt whether c++/c is worth learning in this stage of variety of language ... let me know ur views and can i get a quick update on ur current learn lang.

7/12/2017 11:27:49 PM

Kaneki-kun Nathaniel Doley

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it depends! C is a low level language and if you're talking about the long run, low level languages are the option to go, as any programming related to the hardware is done in low level languages or assembly. So if you're passionate to work on OS side or want to be an expert in just one language for the long run, go for C/C++. Else if you just want to write some programming scripts to develop great applications, go for JAVA or Python.


between C and C++, C++ is definitely better.