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Dear math lovers,

If you are a math lover please raise your hand. We are a community here inside sololearn. I am very lucky that I can learn with you. You guys are awesome. And thanks to Sololearn.

7/12/2017 8:39:38 PM


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You guys are awesome... @Chirag If you raise your hand I can't see that...but I can feel that. @Ace I don't know how can I hack your device... but if I can, I would like to keep some mathematical problem there...


I'm a math lover: I even study(ied) it in campus : I don't like long math quizzes during challenges though ^_^ and you're surely right : this place is awesome!


I'm a math lover too The hole life is math! And I love my life!


@chirag : HTML allows that. Run this code in PC.


I have a math minor and I am an engineer. Of course I love math! 😎


@Chirag: That's just scary 😨😱


@Chirag: Maybe he's hacked our devices and is using our cameras 😨


@ace........😨😱😱😱 is it possible that he is omnipresent!!!!😲😲😲


I am a math lover...... but I have a small [email protected] said to raise our hands..... if we raise our hands can he really see it!!!!!!!!!


maths is love 👍😘


maths 👍☺☺


update ... now for any square matrix..