To create a complex web application, should I use javascript, ruby on rails or djang(python web framework)? | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


To create a complex web application, should I use javascript, ruby on rails or djang(python web framework)?

I heard that ror decreases the performance of application, and i read online that dropbox(made with python) is facing some issues with it, so its difficult for me to choose among them.

7/11/2017 3:27:34 PM

Devesh Anand Srivastava

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I'd recommend JavaScript with NodeJs, here are a few links. All of them compare the languages, it's probably easiest for you to decide when you read them yourself (you know better what type of program you want to make than I do)


you can compare ruby on rails and django but you can't compare it with JavaScript because JavaScript is a language not a framework. you can compare JavaScript with ruby and python. You can compare Ruby on rails and django with angular js(JavaScript framework) and other js framework. and answer of your question it depends upon your project specify your project type. for accurate answer


well, thnx for your answer. I will definitely go through all these links


Why u should make complex web application? what does it for? when simple web can give u business well. I think u need to create web where security point is one of your priority list, complexity does not represent good web app for business, but simple design (ui) and security can.


Node js and JavaScript is a good choice if the complexity of the web application is due to big data concern. PHP with a framework like Laravel, Cake, Zend Framework or Symfony is a good choice for applications with the complexity due to data intense use. Ruby on rails is a good choice for applications with a standard conventional data mapping


@olop the thing is that its such an idea that can't be accomplished by a simple web application. In start, it will be simple, but after few months it will eventually become complex. I really care for security, but performance matters too.


What is node js?


I agree devesh


I suggest you study JS then Node JS and angular js for creating complex website.




node.js is server side JavaScript framework. it uses JavaScript for backend programming


I just have python Is correct Or uncorrect 🤔🤔


You should use djang framework with python programming.