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Promoting SoloLearn as a GREAT community.

I had web development courses about year ago, my intentions were to meet other people who are interested in programming, but sadly they came for the only thing, the course was named: "How to make a game for Android/iOS". I think we need to promote SoloLearn not only as app where to learn programming, but as community where you can organize meetups, ask questions, talk with expirienced programmers etc.

7/9/2017 11:57:44 AM


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To me, the term has always referred to the community instead of the app. :>


You could just post the info(in the questions section), link facebook and make event page there or SoloLearn developers can add new feature. Who knows?


I agree with you ! I also have a question which is slightly not on topic : how can we have informations about simplest meet ups ?