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i think this is the hardest part of python...I really dont even know whats happening anymore

7/6/2017 5:16:12 PM

Timothy Tabot MacOjong

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It's as simple as thinking of things as objects, just as you do with objects of the world. For example, think of the monitor in front of your face. It is an object. It has texture, color, and other things that define it as the object that it is. As well, the object has functions that it performs, such as displaying output to you. Think of the monitor as the object, and all of those properties/methods as what defines the object and how it functions. Hope that helps some.


First of all, LOL OOP means Object Orientated Programming (Yeah, yeah you know already) But let's assume it like Class=Blueprint Objects=Things made on that Blueprint So, if there's a Blueprint (Class) but there's no thing made on that Blueprint (objects) then there's no use of that Blueprint (Class). Variables are like height, weight of that of object Methods are like what that thing does, what else can be achieved using that thing Sadly, this is the best explanation I can give


thanks...it helped a little...I understand a little more