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java http://index-of.es/Java/ android http://index-of.es/Android/ c++ http://index-of.es/C++/ css http://index-of.es/CSS/ html http://index-of.es/HTML/ JavaScript http://index-of.es/JS/ python http://index-of.es/Python/ php http://index-of.es/PHP/ perl http://index-of.es/Perl/ ruby http://index-of.es/Ruby/ c http://index-of.es/Programming/C/ for more http://index-of.es/Programming/ main root is http://index-of.es thanks next list coming soon what you want in next list

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for video collection check this https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/510018/?ref=app i am working on more lists stay tune


@NeutronStar Since nearly a year, I'd say. I started learning in August last year, but got reaally into it in October. I wouldn't say I am a coder, though. Higher-level concepts are still a mystery to me. I just keep utilizing every new thing I learn, right away :) Thanks for the nice words ;)


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@Cameron Try altering the code below to autodownload all files. Will work only if the directory is an unrestricted one, though: https://code.sololearn.com/cezlCwkWIF0E/?ref=app


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There is no perfect book. Search in App-/Play-Store for apps like algorithm, math, Networks, computer technologie etc. and never use only one book and/or app. You can also look in Google books. There are also a lot of books and some are free. and If you searched for one thematik, you'll find a lot of webpages who will explain it from different sites.


Say thanks to sololearn https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/523772/?ref=app


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@Rahul Bodana: Post some newer one.


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have a look on this site. There are legal download portals: https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/444755/?ref=app


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